Makers, formulators, herbalists, you can do so much more with the right carrier oils 
I first wrote my book, Power of the Seed: Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty because I was making products and I just couldn’t find reliable and consistent information on the carrier oils.  

And so, for over a decade, I compiled my research in a binder which became my book.

Over the past few years I've been watching the growing trend of using oils for skincare and this is really exciting for me for two reasons. One, I love the lipid oils and I am so happy they are getting a chance to shine. 

But more importantly, I see all the potential for exceptional skin care lines out there. I know some of you are already in creation mode, and some are in planning mode.

​​​​​​​If you want to start your own oil based line of skincare products, the world is ready for your unique creations. 

Another beautiful thing about these oils is you can use them individually or in combinations to create clean, preservative free customized skincare for your personal routine. 

Before I started my skincare line, and we're going back a few decades here, I trained as an herbalist. In my training, I especially loved the process of infusing herbs and plants into oil to create potent, natural topical treatments. Back then, our choice of carrier oils to infuse in was limited, but since then I've learned how you can create truly custom, beautiful infusions by using carrier oils that align with your desired outcome. 

And this is what the Lipid Hub is all about. How we can use the lipid oils for skincare, whether you want to create professional formulas for your own skincare line,  you want to create your own skincare routine or you want to find new oils to infuse in. 

With these oils we have a whole new realm to work in, a whole new palette of oils with unique actions, benefits and unique personalities. 

The Hub is the place to learn about, explore and get to know these wonderful oils and the rich world of opportunities they offer. 

The place to get your carrier oil questions answered.
The Lipid Hub Monthly Membership is for you if:
  • you love making gifts like balms, lotion bars and whipped butters for the special people in your life and you're looking for inspiration and new ideas 

  • you make herbal infusions and you want to use more targeted carrier oils without guessing which ones will work effectively

  • you're trying to find the right combination of oils for your skincare routine, and you need guidance zeroing in on that perfect match

  • you want to find one cohesive place to find reliable, accurate information on all the different lipid carrier oils and how to use them

  • you're creating a custom skincare line and need support with lipid formulating techniques, troubleshooting, ideas and development

  • you're just starting to learn about the different carrier oils and you want guidance finding, selecting, and using the oils

  • your family doesn't understands why you get so excited when you hear names like cupuacu butter and pracaxi oil

  • you buy oils obsessively (hello cranberry seed oil!) and you need ideas and inspiration for what to make next with your growing oil collection

Here's just a few of the things you'll find inside the Hub
Monthly Calls w/ Susan
Beginning in December, I'll be hosting a live call once a month. These will be live Q&A calls to review formulas, discuss new oils, ask questions and troubleshoot issues with what you're working on. 
Formulators Lab​​​​​​​
Are you creating formulas for your own skincare line? The formulators lab is the space to get help troubleshooting your formulas, find ideas for how to address specific skin issues and anything else that comes up in your work. 
Skincare Corner
Finding the right oil for your skincare routine has many variables that change with seasons, age and life events. The skincare corner is where we will discuss all thing skincare so you can find the best oil matches for your skin. 
Oil Profiles
Get detailed information on different oils in the oil monographs library.  Each Oil profile has the fatty acid profile, visual pie chart, substitutions for that oil so that you can adapt your recipes depending on availability.
Monthly Workshops
Each month we will focus on a topic, either a deep dive into a specific oil, a workshop on making different products with oils, like herbal salves, lotion bars, facial oils, body oils and massage oils, oil serums and more.
Lipid Community
This is where you can get answers, ideas, inspiration and help with what you are working on. This is where you can ask questions and get answers to all your carrier oil questions. 

Lipid Hub
per month USD
  • Monthly live Q&A calls with Susan M Parker
  • Your foundation course in fatty acid basics
  • Library of oil monographs, including fatty acid profiles, substitutions and visual tools 
  • December Focus: Making Lotion Bars & Other Gifts

*no long term commitment, you can cancel anytime
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